from by Ste Byrne

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[Verse 1]
I woke up in the belly of the beast with an appetite for picking fights,
hungry for some pussy now you better check your kittens rights
finger banging with mittens on that's irrational
i'm raising eyebrows while i'm trying to think tactical
my mind set's galactical, redirected the path I chose
i'm a rapper with enough common sense to see
there's blood in the air, there's blood everywhere
a room full of kings with eyes imminent to tear
my divine rights unquestionable bitch don't make assumptions
before i smash your head and carve your brain out like a pumpkin
preserve the right to indirectly disinfect your intellect
in other words, i'm taking your brain away from that dumb shit
I pray i never cum quick, in some dumb bitch
and have to pay child support every month its,
scary to think i'm grown up now.... fuck it

Cos' when i turn i'm alone with these demons in my dome
trying to find myself in anywhere but home (x2)

[Verse 2 ]
So who the fuck give a fuck? so ambiguous
no coke sniffing cos' i'm stone cold sick of buzz
only dope spliffin when the bros with him
you can look around to see that there's no hope in him
and I inspire to fly higher than an eagle, man
and drop hotter shit than a seagull after eating ten burritos
this is neither, hip-hop nor music
only life lessons for those willing to use it
melancholy moods keep mellowing my dome
streptococcal throat keeps mystifying my tone
i'm alone in this world, i'm controlling your girls
i'm infesting your ears while i'm toking this herb
and I could say don't do drugs to the kids but what would that do?
cos' no one likes a hypocrite talking at you
my hearts still as a statue
it's missed more beats than a deaf rapper

Cos' when i turn i'm alone with these demons in my dome
trying to find myself in anywhere but home (x2)

[Verse 3]
Motherfuck your feelings, feeling like a menace
I need to replenish my commandments so I care less
I keep it uptight like a hair net focused on my foes
feeling a need to spit on this beat , a tissue for my nose
give me the mic you don't deserve shit
stomp your face in the earth shit
staying sweet like Hershey's
while i'm probing all you earthlings
they say cash rules everything around me
if I tell you suck a left nut i'm not talking about cashews uuuuhhh
to be honest i'm just pissed,
sipping liquor till my liver has a hiccup, bitch
I never expect anything, romancing with Charles Manson on a balcony


from Miscellaneous Mind, released November 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Ste Byrne Bray, Ireland

Talented, misunderstood and piss poor but hey, at least i'm Irish. 95 is the birth year, Late Night Kings is the lifestyle. And that's that!

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