from by Ste Byrne

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[Verse 1]
As I walk through the alley of the midnight scene
past a rusted oul' Raleigh as the bottles gleam
i don't pause for a second as my reflection passes me in a TV screen
we were some kids with guns, supersoakers and pellets
buying Freddos and some Haribo , no grams on credit
in bedded in my bed who said it that the youth shall flourish
no choices only voices pure nature over nourish
I try protect myself, this serotonin in my veins can't collect itself
for more than 48 hours and that's the truth whether artificial or true
cos the hardest part of the day is finding one something to do
I never thought i would lose, my will power is loose
so don't be surprised if i'm toking that spliffy right
talking about my generation...wasted

Somebody tell me am I wrong?
for thinking these thoughts and lighting this bong
tell me am I wrong ?
for growing up quick and not being kids
tell me am i wrong?
for thinking these thoughts and lighting this bong
tell me am I x2

[Verse 2]
I was left to ponder every good situation squandered
constant nonsense repeated very often
this is all a product which the age we were brought up
14, girls sippin' on blue Wkd bottles
a crucifix around the neck not to remind me of Christ
but rather to keep me minted when my collars were high
and now we're flat out on everything,everything
bad choices we made are sticking with us like a wedding ring
are sticking with us like a wedding ring
i never pray cos' i don't want to hear the angels sing
looking for ourselves in the end of a botlle,
or a glass pipe or a pill small enough to swallow
small enough to swallow,
in above my head when the waters still shallow
when the waters still shallow..


from Miscellaneous Mind, released November 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Ste Byrne Bray, Ireland

Talented, misunderstood and piss poor but hey, at least i'm Irish. 95 is the birth year, Late Night Kings is the lifestyle. And that's that!

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