Jenova Moods ft. Luke Gorman

from by Ste Byrne

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[Verse 1]
(Ste) I thank myself everyday for getting out of bed
levelling trebles and beating these demons in my head
sincere,I've animosity deep within
coming down from last night seems to be a past sight
parasitic minds reaching cataclysmic heights
just the story of my life, I don't think about it twice
It's pretty basic, when your on a basis
where nothing else matters but the songs in a playlist
so give me that, let me go back to a bit of craic
cos' right now I'm lost or I'm loosing
and I don't know who to be choosing
battle my brain while I vanquish my thoughts
my anguish is lost, my language is false
never speechless now I just speak less cos'
it's pretty hard looking in the mirror when no one is looking back
only an empty room where walls and floors are painted black
open my eyes just to find I'm always dreaming
I don't plan to wake up,i don't want to wake up

So what is life?
fuck the gimmicks and the mimics in the lake that we swimming in
fuck your typical stereo, I'm not stereotypical

[Verse 2]
(Luke) If I lost a tooth for every time I've been rejected
I'd be a millionaire and the tooth fairy'd be in debt, bitch
she'd leave a key with me,by the bed
and leave it resting right beside my head
but as my spit drools to the floor
I unlock that bedroom door
just to see me, the old me , the one that's always lonely
the one who likes those girls who never like him back
the one who's got those friends who thinks his raps are whack
I wrote this rhyme in the back of class never pay attention
I guess it's too hard when your in this penitention
these plastic preachers robot teachers telling me bout X and Y
brainwash your mind so these kids don't ask them why
symbiosis is real, Syria is serious
Hitler killed for millions and Bush bombed for billions
we need to open up our minds stop man kind
but it's hard to see the truth when the lies got you blind


from Miscellaneous Mind, released November 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Ste Byrne Bray, Ireland

Talented, misunderstood and piss poor but hey, at least i'm Irish. 95 is the birth year, Late Night Kings is the lifestyle. And that's that!

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