I Feel Good

from by Ste Byrne

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I feel good / I feel real right here
I feel good / I feel real right here (x2)

[Verse 1]
It's been a while since I felt like this
I'm trying to make memories so I can reminisce
I only check my vital signs when i'm revitalized, i'm still breathing
another reason to maintain my believing in life as it is
this is the shit, pack of burgers and a barbeque
and don't forget the tins, there is no better than this
i'm even smiling, it's worth my while when
my boys are right here beside me look,
if your my brother all I ask is never lie to me
I know my brothers and i know they'd fucking die for me
I wake up every morning with a headache
I'd give away a lot just to get my mind straight
i'm sick and tired of going out getting wasted
spending fifty quid getting mashed off my face it's
time to embrace it and make up for losses created
from now on all i'm saying is

I feel good / I feel real right here
I feel good / I feel real right here (x2)

[Verse 2]
If ignorance is bliss then I must of founded peace of mind
cos' there's nothing but clear thoughts in this speech of mine
an adultescent trying to fathom these questions
like why am I obsessed with finding the essence of life
sometimes the only essence i need
comes in the form of compressed skins filled with weed
I get high to escape my reality
not to get by, nah fuck it that's insanity
the fruits of my labour are food for thought
so i feel good when i receive crude remarks
my confidence is high, high as it will ever go
got a girl who loves me and knows me more than i'll ever know
i'm grateful to have a plate full
every Sunday in my nans for nearly two centuries now
i'm not yet proud to be me,
but for the first time in a while... i feel

I feel good / I feel real right here
I feel good / I feel real right here (x2)


from Miscellaneous Mind, released November 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Ste Byrne Bray, Ireland

Talented, misunderstood and piss poor but hey, at least i'm Irish. 95 is the birth year, Late Night Kings is the lifestyle. And that's that!

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