Corpus Animae ft. Luke Gorman

from by Ste Byrne

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[Verse 1]
(Ste) Living in a place where recession hit
where the public have to pay for the deficit
too many emcees not enough mics
but it ain't that hard when they all sound alike

(Luke) Too many foes trying to fit the mold
too many men in search of the gold
not enough room for the devil to hold
when the search resolves you selling your soul

It's that mind, body, soul
that's the goal to help us find the gold
truth, happiness and the fountain of youth x 2

[Verse 2]
(Luke) From the garden all the way to the kingdom
full of lies, the truth ain't in them
full of shit like sewage drains, this alcohol runs through my veins
painting pavements with the puke
don't need tattoos the express reviews
give me the stage, give me the shot
my mind telling me we can get to the top
my soul telling me we can get to the top
and I say fuck thee who thou say not
our generation about drink and cars
corrupt motherfuckers who still in charge
corrupt motherfuckers who try tax mars
the martians, the moon and everything to the stars

(Ste) Fuck it i feel it, god damn motherfucker i feel it
let me feelings out with the realest shout
no point in trying to conceal it
this that one time for your fucking mind till i'm dead underneath
I'll spit,till there's saliva like post brushing your teeth
till' then, i'll be reciting my orchestra in an empty room
looming to this deaf silence, goofing off these fucking shrooms
I don't rap on acid but my acid raps are classic raps
lapping candle wax after quarter bags a tab and stamps
this new renaissance has me feeling like i'm Pablo
I'm painting pictures while keeping my tab low
uh, so come and catch me while you can
try latch onto my soul before the gold comes to plan

It's that mind, body, soul
that's the goal to help us find the gold
truth, happiness and the fountain of youth x 2

[Verse 3]
(Ste) I live inside Pandora's box
melting dreams in a big melting pot
in and around a city where silly figures tying to find what's key
but they're out getting locked
and that's word to my man LG
getting lit eating chips, that's he
i lift my head off my pillow every morning, debate about life
sick every week day paying for weekend nights, i'm nice

(Luke)I'm sick of this and i'm sick of that
i'm sick of being sick so lets stick the facts
she sells them sea shells and i'm sick of her so where the tea sales...


from Miscellaneous Mind, released November 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Ste Byrne Bray, Ireland

Talented, misunderstood and piss poor but hey, at least i'm Irish. 95 is the birth year, Late Night Kings is the lifestyle. And that's that!

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